Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hi All, I am Teresa from ttBird Designs / Handmade. I was really excited and flattered when Sara asked me to participate as a guest blogger for Purse Palooza again.  This year I decided that I was going to review a pattern that I had recently used to sew a diaper bag for a co-worker.  After looking at a few different patterns, we agreed that the Nappy Bag Pattern from Mrs. H (aka Samantha) looked like it was a good fit for her with a couple of modifications. I was really excited to sew this pattern and see how it worked out because we seem to be having a baby boom in my family.  I have two more of these to make before Christmas.

I gave her a list of what she needed for fabric for the bag and off she went to Joann Fabrics.   She choose a home decor print for the exterior and straps of the bag and quilting cottons for all the linings. I added the teal linen from my own stash for a pop of color.  All of the fabrics that she picked were all a great quality which made my job easier when it came time to sew the bag.  I know that Mrs. H doesn't recommend Home Decor for the exterior but I sew on my old Singer 15-125 Trudy and she didn't seem to mind all the layers. I also chose to use fusible fleece instead of the foam interfacing because I was more comfortable using that for a first time sew.  

Samantha designed the bag with lots of clever touches like piping (I'm a sucker for piping), the hidden security zipper pocket and key clips on the outside pocket.  I did think that we needed some larger pockets on the inside of the bag so I added them all the way across each side and two on the ends to hold bottles. 

I was really pleased with the pattern and the finished product.  The supply list and instructions were very through will lots of pictures to guide you.   I usually dread the sewing a pattern for the first time but I am proud to say that my seam ripper was not utilized once while sewing this bag! I would suggest this pattern for an intermediate to experienced sewer.  I think that it took me a total of about 6 hours from start to finish.  

I don't think this is the last pattern from Mrs. H that I will be sewing.  I have my eye on her Carpet Bag pattern next.  If you're interested in checking out Mrs. H and her Nappy Bag Pattern here is a link to the pattern and her website:

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Purse Palooza 2014 - Zombie Apocolypse!

Hi All, I am Teresa from ttBird Designs / Handmade.  When Sara asked me to blog about a purse pattern I was so excited and flattered to be chosen. I have followed Purse Palooza for a couple of years and I admire all the great work that everyone is doing out there to promote our art and create amazing pdf patterns for bag makers everywhere.

I selected the Bonnie Pattern by Alicia of Swoon Patterns.  To get me in the mood for Halloween, I selected Riley Blake's Zombie Apocolypse for my bag.  I just love this fun fabric.  I have a little more in my stash so I think a matching wallet is called for next. 

I love sewing bags and I am always on the lookout for a pattern that will appeal to my customers and myself.  This pattern is one that I would definitely carry on a daily basis because it has a couple of my major requirements for my ideal everyday bag, an outside pocket for my phone and the ability to carry a ginormous amount of stuff. 

This bag is great for an intermediate sewer, but with a little patience could be completed by a beginner.  The bottom of the bag has an oval shaped bottom, but do not be afraid.  I was intimidated at first but found that it really too difficult to attach the sides to the oval bottom. It really does make the bag look so professional when it is finished. 

The pattern is intended to be made with vinyl or d├ęcor weight fabric, which was a plus because I might just happen to have a few rolls of vinyl hanging around my “sweat shop”.   But don’t be afraid to make this bag in quilting weight fabric.  This bag has a slouchy shape that works fine with lighter weight materials.  I used quilting weight fabric and two layers of SF101 on the exterior of my bag and one layer of SF101 on my lining and I think it has the perfect amount of slouch.  

The pattern has a clear list of what supplies are needed to make this purse from start to finish and instructions with illustrations to get your through inserting the most unique feature of the bag, the welt zipper pocket on the outside of the bag.  The welt is constructed in an unconventional and much easier way than your typical welt pocket.

The interior of the bag has a slip pocket and an additional zipper pocket to store all those little things you don't want lost at the bottom of the bag. The top closes with a zipper or if you would like a magnetic clasp would do the job also. 

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog.  This is my first time on Purse Palooza and my very first blog.  I think that's a great start to blogging don't you?   And my biggest thanks go to Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness for giving me this wonderful opportunity.  

Now get out there and make something!